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  1. Charles

    I enjoyed your review on these shoes! I was considering a purchase, I guess you’ve sold me. I hope I can get as many miles out of mine as you have yours! Cheers!

  2. strayfoto

    NIce! I’m really happy with mine. Although I claim to be too conservative to wear them out much, I did wear them for a few days at a famous theme park in Southern California last fall. They were great.

  3. Adrian Boliston

    Sounds like you liked the GRD IV! I have now ordered one so hoping I will like it just as much. I have been using a Nikon FM2 but want a break from constantly having to get films processed.

  4. Quinn

    Right on, you’ll love it, it’s a great little camera. If you’re used to film, you may like it even more – some claim it has a very “film” look to the files – and I suppose I’d agree. I put up a follow-up post today here. discussing the camera a little more, and showing some recent photos. Thanks for commenting.

  5. strayfoto

    Right on, you’ll love it, it’s a great little camera. If you’re used to film, you may like it even more – some claim it has a very “film” look to the files – and I suppose I’d agree. I put up a follow-up post today here: http://strayfoto.com/2013/03/12/ricoh-grdiv-round-two/ discussing the camera a little more, and showing some recent photos. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Benjamin Lee

    Hi Quinn, thanks for the review! I’m Benjamin from Imgembed and am really sorry you faced the issue with setting your country, we’ve just fixed that. Have a great weekend!

  7. strayfoto

    Thanks Benjamin! I tried and it works great. Good work staying on top of things. As an aside, much is being made right now about how Google+ is one of the better image hosting sites because they don’t remove metadata from photos. Even as a hobbyist, this is one thing that has me really thinking of switching from Flickr to Google+. Flickr may use some metadata to populate “tags” fields, but as the photo gets saved all metadata is stripped (this is my limited understanding). I’m sure for professional photographers this matters even more. Speaking for myself the more metadata you guys allow photos to retain, the more likely I’d be to use you as a hosting service. Thanks again for being so responsive, and I’ve updated the original post to reflect the change.

  8. Benjamin Lee

    Thanks Quinn, we’re looking to add full metadata support soon, as well as a couple of others, stay tuned for improvements in the coming months. =D

  9. Corey

    I don’t know if I would call these a “Shoe”, they look more like a sock! (lol). How are they when your feet hit pointy rocks? The terrain in your photos, in comparison to the soles are your shoes dont look very forgiving.

    Is this your Primary running shoe? Have you done any running with the NB Trail Running shoes? http://www.newbalancevancouver.ca/minimus-10-trail-running.html – Personally they’re my favorite so far, what is your opinion?

  10. strayfoto


    Yes, I use the Moc3 as my main running shoe, although weather and terrain permitting, I generally run barefoot. If I have to use shoes, I use the Moc3.

    You’re right, they wear a lot like socks actually. I’ve found them to be totally adequate over some pretty rough terrain. I pay attention, run cautiously, and I’ve never had a problem with pointy rocks. I thought it would be an issue at first, but it’s not at all.

    I’ve run in the NB MT101 and the Merrell Trail Glove, both of which I kind of half-like. I liked the MT101 as far as structured shoe goes. I find the Merrell Trail Gloves to fit a little funny – they’re just great for the shape of my foot.

    Hope that helps.

  11. strayfoto

    Thanks! I ordered the GR (V?) as well – I keep checking the B&H website for any indication it’ll ship early – yeah, right… If it’s even slightly better than the Ricoh GRD IV, I’ll be very stoked.

  12. Tad

    These are far more interesting to look at than 99.9% of the pics plastered on the web – it forces you to meditate more on the image if only to get ones bearings; an overall plethora of great shots on your site as well. You have a great eye. Cheers.

  13. Tad

    Looks like a mass murder scene. Or maybe Jim Jones. Either way, it’s a sad commentary, on many levels, that you’ve captured; and I can’t help but wonder what became of those children who certainly infused so much love into those inanimate objects. Great shots.

  14. strayfoto

    Yeah, it’s in a strange spot too, quite away from any homes. It seems to have been there for quite a few years. I thought almost the same thing – that all the stuffed animals looked like murder victims. Thanks for looking.

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  16. lizy

    Hi Benjamin,

    I did a test and noticed that you can still copy/paste the image
    from your partner/affiliate site ‘The Creative Finder’
    You can also right-click on it and save it to your computer… Your service won’t be useful at all if you are not able to protect the images from your partner/affiliate sites.

    I love the concept but unless this is fixed I don’t see myself using your service… I don’t want to sound mean but this is my honest opinion 🙂

  17. strayfoto


    I’m the admin for strayfoto and was posting a review of the service offered by Imgembed. I’m not affiliated with Imgembed in any way – other than I occasionally use the service.

    While there is a chance Benjamin from Imgembed may see your comment and respond, I think your chances of receiving a response would be much greater if you were to contact someone at Imgembed directly.

    In my dealings with them I’ve found the Imgembed staff to be responsive and friendly.

    You bring up a couple really good points – ones that will have to be dealt with as image-sharing becomes more and more ubiquitous.

    Thanks for posting.

  18. lizy

    Hello strayfoto 🙂

    Thanks for your reply 🙂
    I will definitely contact the developer at Imgembed. I just posted my opinion for everyone to benefit from the conversation thread 🙂 The more feedback they receive the sooner we’ll have a functional platform for everyone to use 🙂

  19. Benjamin Lee

    Hi Lizy,

    I’m Benjamin from Imgembed and would like to assure you that images posted onto Imgembed will not get syndicated to The Creative Finder.

    We also have on our Todo list the feature to prevent right clicking on images on The Creative Finder.

    Thanks for your feedback! Feel free to reach out to me at benjamin.lee [at] imgembed.com

    Warmest regards,


  20. Tad

    Definitely a big jump in dynamic range. Love the warm skies even though it throws the whites off; were you using the same WB for each camera? The B&W conversions have much better/smoother tonality to my eyes; rich and detailed. Thanks for posting these comparisons. Looks to be a worthy upgrade/change to my x100.

  21. Quinn Hall


    I shot them all in raw, and used Adobe Camera Raw for the conversions. In Camera Raw I set some images on “Auto” and some on “as shot”, being sure to leave identical photos processed the same. I was surprised by two things – the difference in color rendition (the GR being much warmer), and the lack of significant difference in detail captured at small viewing sizes. Too often I get used to looking at 5DmKII files full size on a 27″ screen, and forget that at 72dpi and 800 px wide, the difference in file quality evaporates. Ha!

    As far as being a worthy replacement for the X100 – absolutely. I never really fell in love with the X100 the way others did – I wanted to like it but it never really happened for me. It was the puppy I bought because it was cute and furry and promised romance and fun. After owning it I realized that while cute, it was a little stupid and slow and not really the dog (camera) I wanted or expected. All over the internet people bemoan the loss of optical viewfinders and whine when a new camera doesn’t have one. I like using one, and for some things I consider them invaluable. But as far as using the Ricoh Gr series cameras for travel and creative photography, I’m fine with the lack of a viewfinder. I’ve been thinking of selling my X100 for a while now, and I’ll probably get rid of it in the next few weeks.

    On Youtube someone asked me about iso 6400 – I’ll have to try that out this evening and post some shots.

  22. Bob Thompson

    I just bought a pair and love them. I like the look of your laces/cord lock better than the standard leather laces. Any suggestions on where to obtain a set like yours?

  23. strayfoto

    Hey Bob,

    I like mine so much I just bought a pair of the boots with the double-sole.

    The laces in the photos are from a local sporting goods store – I believe they’re made by Danner. Since they’re boot laces, I actually taped and cut one lace in half and it was long enough for both moccasins. Hope that helps.

  24. Tad

    Thanks for the heads-up. I’m really limited to short, light hikes due to my back; the Trip Pack looks like a great mate to carry a few essentials. Cheers.

  25. Quinn Hall

    Right on Tad. It’s a great little bag that’s growing on me the more I use it. It’s just big enough for a small camera, a water bottle, light jacket, and a few tools (leatherman/swiss army knife). It’s built bomber too.

  26. Andrew Crane

    I saw this and figured I’d take a shot at making a pair myself! I’ve been working with leather for about a year and a half and happened to have a good piece of tooling leather lying around. I tried a lot of different lacing methods using leather lace and paracord and eventually decided on not using a strap between my big toe and second toe. I ended up using an old shoe lace and going corner to corner and tying it around my ankle, kind of like something a gladiator would wear..
    They look slick and have held up very well after heavy use and have developed a very pleasing patina and garner a lot of compliments!

    I think I may try using some hemp fabric to make new straps for it.

  27. Quinn Hall

    I’m glad to hear someone else tried it. I understand the toe strap isn’t for everyone. I’m used to flip-flops (remember when it was safe to call them “thongs”?) and that’s the feel I was going for. I’m still not settled on the strap configuration I used, and I’ll change the next pair to be even more flip-flop like. You’re right about the durability, I’m surprised how long they last. Glad to hear you get compliments – I didn’t think I would, but it’s interesting how many people notice.

  28. Kazu

    Hi Quinn! This is Kazu from Tokyo. Thanks heaps for adding my leica on your collection! That was a great honor to me.
    And I want to say, I LOVE your amazing project “Cameras of Canyonlands”!!!
    I’m always looking forward to the project updates.
    I hope someday I see you again in Utah!

  29. Quinn Hall

    Kazu! You bet, I appreciate your willingness to participate. It’s neat to meet people from all over the world – I hope you enjoyed Moab. If you visit again, give me a heads up and we’ll go shoot together. A pleasure to have met you. Travel safe.

  30. strayfoto

    Kazu! You bet, I appreciate your willingness to participate. It’s neat to meet people from all over the world – I hope you enjoyed Moab. If you visit again, give me a heads up and we’ll go shoot together. A pleasure to have met you. Travel safe.

  31. Kazu

    Shooting together! Sounds brilliant!
    Oh, traveling in Moab was tremendous!
    Now I’m in Tokyo, but I already miss Moab.
    Someday, someday soon I wanna go back there!
    I’m very glad to meet you, too! Stay cool!

  32. strayfoto

    Thanks Dan. I’m preparing a future post with all the questions I get here. Every week a couple a couple kids fill out my contact page without having read the entire post – they think I’m the Kratt Brothers. They request shows and ideas, ask for Wild Kratts stuff, it’s crazy. Thanks for speaking up.

  33. Dan West

    I’m a teacher and some of my students, as well as my son, wanted to write a nice letter to them. Very sad they don’t want their fans to contact them. Great show but terrible PR!!

  34. Deirdre

    Thanks for this great post, Quinn. Love the images you’ve shared. I would say you are definitely drawn to strong lines in your photos. Each of these contain some—and your favorite is a crazy collection of lines (the gate, the weave chair, the basketball lines, the pool shape, etc). It was a pleasure to meet you and I’ll have to come back to explore your site some more!

  35. strayfoto

    Thanks Deirdre! I had a good time. Let’s do a winter one in the parks (if they ever get opened again…)

  36. Jonathan Kennedy

    Hi, I am also a fan of minimalist footwear. I live in western Massachusetts and usually wear running sandals but when the temperature drops below 38F, I wear FiveFingers from Vibram. I’m interested in the ring boot and lace boot (obviously for non-running purposes) and am curious as to how the double-leather sole compared with the other sole in your experiences.

  37. Monica Strang

    Not too long ago, Wild Kratts was actually called Zoboomafoo on PBS. I found this website: http://pbskids.org/zoboo/contact.html that has an address for Fan Mail for the Kratt Brothers. It’s probably old, but my daughter and I are going to try and write them a letter. We’ll let you know what happens.

  38. Monica Strang

    oh, and here is the address if you want to try it as well:

    Kratt Brothers Company
    PO Box 4515
    Burlington, VT 05406

    again, it’s probably old… we’ll see.

  39. Quinn Hall

    Monica! Good find. I’m surprised such an old page still exists – Zoboomafoo ended 13 years ago (but according to Wikipedia it still airs in syndication – funny, I don’t think I’ve seen it in Utah). I’d definitely be interested to hear what happens if you reach them. I hope you get a response. And thanks for adding the address – this page gets far more hits than I ever thought it would – maybe that will help others too.

  40. jelani tau penny Johnson

    Dear wild kratts i love your tv show and want to know how to be a member of the wild kratts crew. Thank you bye.

  41. AA

    Very nice review. Am debating the mountain briefcase myself. Found a review that was unkind about it – poor on every front. Especially water resistance, thickness of cordura and the stitching. Any thoughts? Maybe it was just a dud?

  42. Quinn Hall

    The Mountain Briefcase came out well after the Mini Mountain Bag – and I don’t have that particular model – but if it’s the same as the Mini Mountain Bag it’s plenty strong. Topo Designs’ website claims the Briefcase is 1000D “Invista” Cordura, which seems similar enough, but they claim the liner is “coated packcloth” which is definitely different than the 18oz vinyl trucker tarp that lines the Mini Mountain Bag. Even with those small changes though, I’ve owned enough of the Topo Designs gear to know it’s all well-made and bomber. The 1000D Cordura is thick enough for any normal use. I’ve owned the original daypack for three years and I’ve sewed patches onto it and hauled it around the entire west on motorcycle trips, road trips, hiking and trail running. It’s only gotten better with use. I own the Travel Bag/Pack combo, and I had the Duffel for a while. I use them heavily and they hold up well. I had an early version of the daypack I wasn’t happy with and the guys at Topo replaced it immediately. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another bag from them. I’m actually interested in the Briefcase as well – if you get it let me what you think. Thanks.

  43. timichango

    I’ve personally had pretty mixed experience with Topo Designs, both on the quality and customer service fronts. I say mixed, and mean it literally—some great, some bad.

    I’ve been using one of the original klettersacks since pretty much right after it was released (when Topo was still pretty new in the market), and these early bags had some serious quality control issues. IMHO they didn’t leave enough seam allowance in the construction of the bags, and also the stitching was quite loosely spaced (ie. not enough stitches per inch) and in my original copy, the straps literally started tearing out of the bag body after a hike with a moderate load in the bag (~20 lbs for 8 hours). They sent a replacement pack, and that one had the same issue. In the end I personally had to bang a pile of additionaly stitches into the bag to remedy the problem, and have been using the bag successfully since then, but this quality gaffe was pretty unacceptable. To their credit, they refunded my money, and let me keep the 2nd defective bag.

    Another issue I had with the Kletter was that the original straps used metal ladderlocks (the things that adjust your shoulder straps) which did not actually hold the strap adjustment *at all*. The bag would slouch back out to the maximum strap extension in under 10 minutes while walking around with it on. Not cool. I remedied this by having a local gear repair guy replace the ladderlocks with standard nylon ones from national molding, and the problem is resolved.

    But yeah—my bag’s now a frankenstein. Topo have apparently updated their design for this bag—and hopefully their overall manufacturing tolerances have gotten better.

    Subsequently, when trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, and try out their products again, they completely botched an order, and omitted stuff that I’d purchased. I was then given a bit of a customer service runaround for several weeks, and in the end had to pursue a refund, and never did receive the stuff I ordered.

    Bummer, really—I’d love for there to be a north american manufacturer that combined style with substance with domestic production, but in my experience Topo’s got all of the right ingredients in the pan, but they’re just not baking the cake all the way through in some cases.

  44. Mamapax

    I just found that same address ans was wondering if you had any luck? My little fella wants to send them an invitation to his birthday. I explained they live far away and probably can’t come, but it’d be great to at least get an autographed pic or something.

  45. Quinn Hall

    Unfortunately I have to grudgingly agree. Your comments about the early metal hardware are spot-on. My original daypack had the metal buckles. I emailed and complained about them slipping and they immediately sent me a redesigned replacement with the nylon sliders that work much better. Although my brother and I always poke fun at the replacement bag they sent because the logo patch on the front is sewed on upside down! We refer to it as the “ultra-rare complainer replacement model”. Having said that, my experience with customer service was great – they shipped the bag before I even sent my original back. My little Mini Mountain Bag is a real gem among bags – it’s bomber and just the right size. I’ve always suggested they craft a camera insert for it…

    For Christmas my brother received a Topo gift card and ordered the Chambray Shirt. It took two returns before he got a third, satisfactory shirt. He was super disappointed at their quality control – especially at that price point.

    You’re absolutely right – an American based and manufactured outdoor company like Topo Designs is exactly what the outdoor community needs. Cool, well-designed gear, made here and built to last. I’m hoping too that we’re witnessing the teething pains of new company that will blossom into something great. Thanks for taking the time to comment I appreciate it. (also if you’re reading this in Chrome I’m really sorry for the way the comments look – they appear much more formatted in Firefox).

  46. Quinn Hall

    I’ve still never heard of anyone successfully contacting them… best of luck. It’s disappointing because I get about two emails a month requesting show ideas and fan paraphernalia. I can’t imagine why they don’t have an official fan club. If you get a response let me know and I’ll post about it here.

  47. Monica Strang

    That address didn’t work. The letter came back as undeliverable 🙁 if anyone finds the right address, please let us know. Thanks!

  48. Quinn Hall

    Hey I think the Wild Kratts (or at least a liason) are on Twitter – follow @WildKrattsOffic and you’ll hear about appearances and merchandise. On 03 March they posted about Ask Wild Kratts Week. Might be a good time to ask why they don’t have an official fan club/page so our less social media oriented 6 year old kids can simply mail a letter.

  49. strayfoto

    Hey I think the Wild Kratts (or at least a liason) are on Twitter – follow @WildKrattsOffic and you’ll hear about appearances and merchandise. On 03 March they posted about Ask Wild Kratts Week. Might be a good time to ask why they don’t have an official fan club/page so our less social media oriented 6 year old kids can simply mail a letter.

  50. Simon Painter

    Hi. I agree with you that the Ricoh GR is an amazing camera. I was going to say amazing little camera but that seems a bit condescending to what is just an amazing camera. I’ve just taken mine back to the shop I bought it at and they’re sending it back for servicing as I have several dust spots. I had one for a while that I could deal with but now there are several so I thought the time had come. It is annoying as I treat the GR with much love and never put it in my pocket unless in a pouch and I am always careful when out and about. I’m not sure how much more I can do to keep it dust free apart from sealing in a plastic bag and leaving it in a cupboard……..I guess that wouldn’t be the best for my photography!!
    Hope yours can back clean.

  51. Quinn Hall

    Simon, yeah the dust is annoying, but ultimately fixable. Mine was only gone for about a week and it came back great. I hope it doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

  52. tinamama

    I’ve posted to their Facebook page, the “Official” Wild Kratts page….we’ll see if someone there can answer how to reach them….and I posted a link to this article there, so let’s hope someone finally points the actual brothers to this article and takes charge and makes it possible for kids to contact them. Because WE love them too, and even my 13yr old gets excited when there are new episodes!

    We are homeschoolers, and the Wild Kratts show is part of our learning! I found a science curriculum about animals and found that it was far too young and simple for my kids because everything in it they already knew from Wild Kratts! They actually were saying things like “yeah, and also….” when I read about an animal….relaying info above and beyond what the curriculum provided!

    How cool is that???

  53. tinamama

    I also posted your link as an @ message to their official Twitter. Maybe we should all keep periodically posting this link to their Facebook and Twitter and eventually someone will get the message and respond! 🙂

  54. tinamama

    Zoboomafoo was actually a totally different show. Though also with the Kratt Brothers. They also had a show called “Be the Creature” which was sort of like that old show Wild Kingdom (remember that?), but with the Kratt Brothers twist…(man they are YOUNG in that one!) and also a show called “Kratt’s Creatures.” Wild Kratts is just their latest show. We like all their shows. I actually miss Zoboomafoo. 🙁 Hard to find it anywhere to watch now.

  55. Quinn Hall

    Thanks Tina! It’s sad my little rant gets so much attention, but if it encourages The Wild Kratts to get a mailing address then great! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  56. Candace

    You probably don’t need this anymore but I asked on their facebook page today about an address. I got a reply from the page within an hour Kratt Brothers Company, P.o. Box 475, Stowe, Vermont, 05672 USA.

  57. Quinn Hall


    Thanks, that’s great! I’ll have to try it out. I’ve always been surprised by how much traffic this page gets, I’m sure this will help some people looking for the address.

  58. strayfoto


    Thanks, that’s great! I’ll have to try it out. I’ve always been surprised by how much traffic this page gets, I’m sure this will help some people looking for the address.

  59. Mikee Catacutan

    Can I ask how much it cost if the warranty didn’t cover it? I bought a used copy of the camera and unfortunately there is dust. Seller is willing to pay cost of cleaning but I can’t see to find any information in terms of out of warranty cost. Thanks for any info you might have.

  60. Quinn Hall

    Mikee, If I remember right it was about $160.00 (USD). I thought that sounded a little high, and was really happy to get mine cleaned under warranty. Perhaps the previous owner (hopefully the original one) could send it under warranty for you? If he was an early adopter like me, the one year is up I suppose. I briefly flirted with the Fuji XE-1 (and then the 2) just for the ability to self-clean the sensor. There’s a few vacuum and plasitc bag tricks on the internet that you could try if all else fails – they seem a little “last-ditch” though. Good Luck.

  61. LizandDanny Roberts

    I just came across this page while looking for an address my son (4yrs) could write to. Did you have any luck with the address above?

  62. halo

    hello! i’m not sure if you are still on this blog, but i really really like that camera sleeve that is sit under GRD IV. where can i get it? i recently bought GRD IV and i think i am going to get that sleeve!

  63. Quinn Hall

    Hey Halo! I’m still on here, although not nearly as active as I was a year ago (I’m still out shooting – just not blogging as much as before). That case was super cool and fit the Ricoh GRIV perfect – but that’s because I sewed it myself… sorry. I actually sold it with the camera when I got the new Ricoh GR. I have an extra one that’s similar for the Ricoh GR, but it’s a bit larger than the GRDIV, so it wouldn’t fit too well. Have fun with that GRDIV – I love that camera.

  64. Quinn Hall

    Liz and Danny, I’ve never heard back from Candace and the Stowe Vermont address. If you try it and it works let me know – I’ve got two kids that would write to them now… best of luck.

  65. Erin @ Wild Whispers

    Thanks for all the legwork people have done on this! My five year old wrote Chris and Martin a letter this AM all by herself, and I’m going to try the VT address above. I’ll check in and let everyone know what happens in a few weeks…

  66. KellyBean

    I have a fanatic myself… He has been obsessed with the Kratts for 4 yrs.. never missing an episode. We have purchased the sweatshirt, t shirt , books, dvds, & creature power suit and I have even thrown him a WILD KRATTS theme birthday party…. printed my own cupcake toppers and all. My boy is 7 and the Kratt fever is still going strong.
    I am soooo very grateful for these brothers. My son knows everything about everything about animals. He engages in nonfiction animal books constantly. While other kids his age are emerged in Angry Birds or Pokemon or some other useless mumbo jumbo… thanks to these Kratts, my son actually is learning everyday about something useful and he is just as excited to do so as day 1.
    These guys didnt seek out this future in acting and producing programs. I think it blew up on them like no one could have predicted. These are just regular guys who are actually doing a public service and the kids DIG IT! I think you should get off their backs. We would all like to give our kids everything we can to make their little faces beam…but do YOU want to handle all the incoming fan mail of the Kratts? That would take a crew Im afraid. There is no way they could possibly keep making new episodes, appearances AND spend time with their FAMILIES making their children beam. Remember , they are probably away from their kids A LOT on location.. to bring the show to us.
    GET OFF THEIR BACKS… and be grateful your children have quality educational entertainment. Its unfair and selfish of you all to complain.
    See you on the creature trail!
    Rogan’s mom
    Glendale, Az

  67. Quinn Hall

    Wow. Press pause on the cupcake printer and back away from the internet…

    I never meant to vilify the Kratt Brothers – I was merely lamenting the lack of a valid fan mail address. I agree with you that their influence is a welcome change from the regular garbage on television. That’s exactly why they should have a fan mail address. A kid could write a fan letter to Miley Cyrus or Ozzy Osbourne but not the Wild Kratts? Why not?

    You claim the Kratts “didn’t seek out this future in acting and producing programs.” C’mon. They seem intelligent, motivated and engaged. They’ve been in television for 20 years – plenty of time to get out if it isn’t what they wanted. I imagine this type of success is exactly what they’ve been shooting for and I applaud their efforts. They’re making a great show that kids love. I think it’s excellent.

    I never implied the Kratts should neglect their families just to answer fanmail – I don’t know where you got that out of my post. I actually suggested they pick a few letters a week to respond to and post a few on Facebook. Of course nobody could answer all the mail they may get, but does that justify not having an address a kid can mail a letter to? People far more famous and busy than the Kratts have figured it out. Encouraging kids to write is one more way to keep them from Pokemon, Angry Birds, and far, far away from those stupid ponies.

    You seem to imply I’m somehow “on the backs” Wild Kratts as if I’m hounding and harassing them. This is a 18 month old post on a website that’s mostly about photography, cameras, backpacks, and travel. There’s over a billion websites on the internet. A BILLION. This post hardly warrants a glance and has probably never been seen by anyone that even knows the Kratt Brothers. (If I’m wrong, give them my best; my daughter insisted we call her “Little Howler” for several months.)

    I’m stoked you took the time to post such a heartfelt response – thanks.

  68. halo

    you made them!. that’s amazing sleeve.
    you really encourage me to think about sewing one for myself.
    thanks a lot for info!

  69. lmelville

    Hello, I was wondering if you got a response at the Stowe address. My 7 year old would also like to express his huge fandom in hand-written form.

    Thanks for any update!

  70. Jen

    Hello, I came across this post while researching minimalist shoes for a thru-hike of the Appalachian trail and was hoping you wouldn’t mind a question or two. I too normally go actually-barefoot-barefoot, but I do it in Southeast Texas, and have zero experience in snow. I really want something that feels shoe-less, and these look incredibly comfortable, but I’m a bit worried that I will end up with black frostbitten stumps for toes. I see that you wear them on-road in very cold weather, but I was wondering if you could give me some insight into how they hold up on snowy trails? I’ll probably be starting the trail northbound in mid-March, and guides say to expect some snow in the mountains. Thanks!

  71. Quinn Hall

    It does okay in the rain. I’ve had it in a slight drizzle and everything stayed dry. I’m not sure how it would fare in a downpour. Probably not that great as the zippers in the old model are exposed. Luckily, they’ve addressed the issue (and added water bottle side pouches) in the new version. I’d love to get the new one – I just have too many bags already.

  72. Quinn Hall

    I love the shoes… I still run in them almost daily and I’m on my second pair now; they seem to last forever. As much as I love them, I opt for something else even in light rain. They get real wet real quick. When wet they’re heavy and they take forever to dry out. With a pair of socks they’re pretty warm even in quite cool weather, but water is not the friend of the Moc3. If I was planning on being in snow, I’d go for something else – or at least have a second option with me. If you’re looking something water friendly and very minimalist, I’d recommend the Luna Mono. I wear them regularly in the summer and they dry very fast, are flat, and super lightweight. Of course, they’re not going to be anywhere near as warm as the Moc3. Hope that helps a little. Thanks for asking.

  73. Jen

    Thanks for your reply! Disappointing that the Moc3 does not do well in wet conditions, but that pretty much just confirms my suspicions. I will check out the Luna Mono–I never really considered sandals, so that opens up a whole new range of possibilities. Thanks again!

  74. SJ

    Thanks for the response. I ended up seeing both navy/leather models but aesthetically I preferred the old one because it has a cleaner look. Though it would be great to have the zipper cover and side pockets, there are too many colours on the new model which I’m not a huge fan of. Also, the new shoulder straps give it the look of a north face bag or something more “technical”. Had all the straps been black, I’d prefer it for the extra features.

  75. Larissa

    I’m with you on this! I especially applaud your comments about the value of writing a letter. Well-said.
    I stumbled on your post tonight while searching for a fan mail address for the Kratts. Like others, I have an 8 year-old son obsessed with the Wild Kratts, passionate about animals, and educated about animals thanks to the show. He really would like to send them a message (and a picture of himself in his creature power suit).

    I’m thinking I’ll try the Stowe address and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope–to make it easy for someone to reply. If we can’t reach the Kratts in Vermont, perhaps our mail will make it to the Von Trapps. They’re in Vermont, too. And actually, they were MY childhood obsession… not that anyone asked.

    See you on the creature trail!

  76. Quinn


    My daughter and I are going to snail mail them a letter tomorrow. I will definitely let you know if that address works!

    The Wild Kratts has been an incredibly influential show for her; she knows more about animals from that show than I do! She understands the context, that animals should be respected (though we teach that at home as well, it’s nice that a tv show re-iterates that point in a child-friendly way), and writes/draws the animals she loves. She’s only six, and this is the only tv show I’ll let her watch. Much better than the other programming.

    Wish us luck!


  77. jered

    Here is what i found. My son has just found the Kratts on netflix and really likes. I included the link because there are some specific direction. So not sure what the address if for but is says for fan mail on the page. I tried to look back over the other address found to compare and didn’t find it to be the same. Good luck and see you on the creature trail.

    Martin Kratt
    Earth Creatures
    255 S Champlain St., 2nd Floor
    Burlington, VT 05401

  78. Constance Truggle

    As with the rest of you, I have children obsessed with Wild Kratts. I also found this article while searching out a mailing address. And I also want to know if the latest address has yielded any results. Did anyone email the promotional booking people and see if there’s a way to get an address that way?

    My three and six year olds know more about the wild than I do, which totally rocks my socks. They’d love to send letters and draw pictures for the brothers, so I’m hoping someone has had some success.


  79. Quinn Hall

    The last few comments have come in the last week – I still haven’t heard of anyone successfully contacting them via snail mail. I can’t believe how much traffic this post gets though – it’s a real testament to the popularity of the show and (I think) demonstrates the need for at least a reliable fan mail address. Keep checking back, if anyone responds with a real address here I’ll update the post.

  80. Annie

    Good to know other parents are on the search for a mailing address for the kratt brothers. my 5 y/o has a pile of drawings he wants to send Chris and Martin!

  81. Vee

    I emailed studio@krattbrothers.com and I got this reply:

    We try to encourage our fans to email their fan mail and drawings. We do have a P.O. Box but this is not checked on a regular basis. If you still wish to mail them, our mailing address is:

    P.O. Box 475
    Stowe, Vermont

    My daughter and I will try this address and see how it goes.

  82. EricB

    Thank you all for the great research an postings. Short of becoming Chris or Martin not sure what else to do.my little one is determined to email the Kratts Brothers. She is inspired by the show and wants to become a marine biologist. I wish I had that drive at age 6. Anyway I sent an email to studio@krattbrothers.com (thanks Vee) and got the following auto reply… Will scan her letter and email it to see what happens….

    “Thank you for your message! Your email has been received by our studio. The Wild Kratts team will respond to you as soon as possible. Please note that we strive to respond to all email correspondence as quickly as possible. Because we often go on creature adventures across the globe, we may take several weeks to respond to your message. See you on the creature trail!”

  83. Taryn

    I wrote to studio@wildkratts.com and got an email back the next day regarding an autographed picture for my son..

    Hi Taryn!

    Thanks for your message! We’re happy your child is such a big fan of the show.

    Attached is a signed photo.

    All the best,

    Unfortunately it was a generic picture with ‘all the best” written on it, I wrote again for a personalized one and received a msg back same day:

    Hi Taryn,

    Unfortunately the Kratt brothers are travelling with their Wild Kratts Live Tour and filming season 4 of Wild Kratts. They are not available to personalize autographs at this time. They will be heading back late in the year.

    We hope your child enjoys the picture.

    All the best,

    The Wild Kratts Team

    Not specifically about sending fan mail but someone definitely replied very quickly! Hope it helps….

  84. Quinn Hall

    Hey Taryn, thanks for commenting. This is as close as anyone’s gotten to a real response… I’m glad to hear someone is at least responding. It’s better than the unopened and returned letter some have gotten.

  85. Rochelle Murray

    Imagine my dismay when I go looking for an address to send fan mail to the Kratt Brothers, to find all the returns of my search were that there is no address. I really wanted to let them know how much my son loves their show and how much he’s learning from them and he’s only two years old. I wish there were space enough to share my Tomato Soup story here . . .

    I appreciate the email address from Taryn, above. I am a little “old-school” and would like to send a letter, but we’ll put it out there anyway. Thanks for the Forum.

  86. Tommy Pace

    Hi, Great review! What kind of soft pouch is that, that you keep your dslr camera in?

  87. Quinn Hall

    Hey Tommy – I keep my DSLR separate while in the bag using a fleece-lined drawstring bag I sewed myself. I’ve had several people comment on that… I should make a video of how to make one. It’s super easy and I’m not that great at sewing. Thanks for asking.

  88. annabelle780

    this is the address i found hope it works cause my kid wants to send letters also
    Martin Kratt
    earth creatures
    255 s. champlain st 2nd floor
    burlington, vt 05401

  89. Maren

    Thanks so much everyone for sharing this information! My son also has a letter ready to be mailed to the Kratt brothers.



  91. Quinn Hall

    While I enjoy the rabid enthusiasm (and love), it bears repeating that I’m not Chris or Martin. I’m just a guy who complained that they should have a real, physical mailing address. Undying love for the Kratts should probably be directed at their Facebook page.

  92. Quelita

    I read on this forum about all the fans of the Kratts brothers who have had bad experiences and their fan mails returned,that happened to me many years ago when I was 16 with an artist I liked, he returned my letter and I felt so sad. I think it would not be a bad idea to go to one of their conventions hopefully to talk to them in person about this issue, they can’t be telling people that all their addresses are invalid, if it was like that they would not have a real company with a physical address. The other alternative would be to contact PBS about it via email,someone in that tv station can talk to them about this matter, that parents are sending letters and are getting them returned. Tv hosts need to be kind and attentive to their audience’ s needs and the viewers deserve to be treated well. In my country parents would not like their kids writing to TV guys who end up returning their letters and they tell them to just to watch the shows they like but not to write letters. There are still many good shows out there to see and good entertainment for children.


    I would verify the zipcode of their Stowes’s address, all businesses have to receive their mail. If that zipcode is correct, then that address of their company is valid, incorrect addresses are always sent back by USPS. UPS is more reliable, ask for tracking number and a signature upon arrival . If their office in Stowe , Vermont has no one working inside to run it and answer their mails then they should get a new mailing address and hire people to answer them, it is a very simple thing to do. Another idea is to call the tv station that airs their show,
    PBS and ask them if they have their mailing address,one that works or go to one of their conventions and if there is no chance to talk to them give your mails in there to their talent manager or head organizer of their event in there- I really think that will work the thing is to get a helpful person in there that knows them to give them some letters to them.

  94. Quelita

    The internet states that the zipcode of Burlington, Vermont is 05401. If that is the case then that is the reason in my opinion of why so many letters were been returned ,either that or it could be an old address. The zipcode of Stowe, Vermont is correct. Verify with USPS or a mail center company the zipcode of Burlington , Vermont. I think the Stowe address is fine,I don’t know if that is their new address now,verify with a mailing center the zipcode of Earth Creatures.


    I know for sure according to a local post office that the Burlington, Vermont zipcode is not valid, I sent the guys an email to the studio@ krattbrothers.com asking them a question and no response. The email did go through,it’s been over a week. Some public figures answer letters in the pen and paper method, that happened to me in the 80’s , I got a letter from a famous gymnast who travelled a lot to different countries in less than a week, she was very disciplined ,made her public a priority and found the time to answer back quickly. Answering the public’s letters and emails and quickly has to be a high priority for any public figure.

  96. KinderMom

    Hi Everyone,

    I have confirmed that this is a good address, according to the VT secretary of State’s website. Best of luck. PO BOX 475, STOWE, VT, 05672, USA

  97. Melanie Ramsey

    Holy Creature Powers!! Who knew this was going to be such an adventure! My grandson, age 6, is determined to mail a letter to Chris and Martin.. has been to see them live and LOVES the current show AND has just stumbled on ZABOOMOFO (SP?) (on Netflix) and is now even MORE determined to write to these guys! What’s an old granny to do?!?

  98. Amy P.

    I can see that no one is really having any luck getting a hold of Chris Or Martin. BUT, this site seems to be the absolute best chance out there to get a hold of them. So while I continue on the search to find the address, I’m going to leave this message here for the random change that maybe they see it, and So i can join in the struggle.

    I grew up on Zooboomofu, and now my daughters are watching it and Wild Kratts, they are obsessed with it, and we watch at least an episode of one or the other every day. if not more than one. I want to let them have a chance to write the Brothers and thank them myself for being such an inspiration to children everywhere. While i understand that they are hugely popular at this point, and it may just be super hard to reply to fan mail anymore. I hope that is all the case is, and not that the front they give off of being down to earth really awesome guys, is not just that. A front.

    Forever a fan regardless. I just hope I can get a hold of them one day. To at least have a letter go through, not even necessary for a reply.

  99. Stacey

    My kids too, Melanie! They’ve loved Wild Kratts for years, but Zaboomafoo has made them desperate to write to the Kratt Brothers! They don’t really expect a response, so I guess we’ll try the Stowe VT address and the email, and see how it goes!

  100. Quinn Hall

    Yeah I actually got roped into watching a Zoboomafoo the other day and, surprisingly enough, the plot was one where the Kratts’ have a wagon full of fan mail and they spend time reading the letters… It’s ironic that now kids can’t even write to them.

  101. Teressa

    My daughters are also hooked on Wild Kratts and just discovered Zoboomafoo the other day (we’ve been watching nonstop). My seven year old just penned them a letter this morning. I’m sad to see that sending them via snail mail just won’t work. disappointing but not surprising.

  102. Adria

    My son thought he sent them a letter a few weeks ago. I took it out of the mailbox because there was no address on it. He has been checking the mail everyday since then for a response.
    I’m going to try emailing them and seeing if they will just send a post card or even something generic. If not I’m going to make a post card and have my mom send it to him signing as the kratt brothers. Its worth it to see my little guy happy!
    If anyone else would like me to send their kids post cards from the “wild kratts” let me know 😉 its better then nothing right?

  103. Josh

    I’m going to send it in to the Zoboomafoo address on PBS and see if that gets anywhere.

    2100 Crystal Drive
    Arlington, VA 22202

    I’ll comment back here if we get anything in response.

  104. Tami

    I like your creativity, Adria! I think I will also fabricate a reply to end up in our mailbox. My 6-year-old will be devastated if her letter is returned or she receives no reply.

  105. Becky Nyce

    My 5-year-old is ridiculously obsessed with Wild Kratts & has been pestering me for weeks to “ask the Kratts Brothers to come to our house.” I finally told him I’d write them a letter. He also drew them pictures.I put it all in an envelope & quickly realized I had nowhere to send it. I didn’t expect a response from them. I was just trying to humor my son as authentically as possible. How very frustrating. I am grateful for this site though. 🙂

  106. Mark McGinnis

    Hi Quinn,

    Like you I enjoy running barefoot and being barefoot most of the time. (However, I seriously doubt I put in anywhere near the miles you do!) I found you through SoftStar’s website, regarding your comments on their Moc3s. I have worn out a pair of these working in the yard and goat barn. I am considering ordering another pair to carry on runs, but I probably need some more durable, minimalist, everyday shoes for yard work, barn work, and going on goat walks in all kinds of Colorado weather. Do you still recommend Arrow Moccasins? If so, which of their models do you recommend for the above purposes?


  107. Quinn Hall

    Mark, I do love the SoftStar shoes… I got sidelined this fall with a minor injury and haven’t been running much lately.
    My favorite general use Arrow Moccasins are the double sole lace boot. I have a pair I wore hiking and tramping around three states (I do environmental consulting) for two years before I sent them to get resoled.
    And… Well, I really like the shoes, but the resole job took 11 months. I gave up hope of ever getting them back. I left messages, emails, etc. and never heard back.
    There were hints on the internet that Paul (the owner) had some health setbacks and was way behind schedule. He finally emailed me and and as a sort of Christmas miracle I got them back last month.
    So while I can definitely recommend the shoes, I’d probably call first and see how long the wait is. That may be a deciding factor for you.
    One company I’ve tried recently and quite like is Aurora shoes from New York. I sent a tracing of my foot and within two weeks I had a nice custom pair of shoes. Granted, they have larger sole and a bit of drop, but it’s minimal and there is little structure to the shoes. I find them very comfortable. They also make an ankle high model.
    I’d also recommend the Luna sandals for summers – they’re super lightweight and mold to the foot wonderfully. Perhaps not so good for barn work, but great for almost everything else.

  108. Mark McGinnis

    Thanks, Quinn. I hope you heal quickly to get back to running soon!

    Regarding the Arrow Moccasins, I recall you first purchased Lace Boots with crepe soles, versus the leather double soles on your Two Eye Tie Mocs. Apparently, you transitioned from crepe to leather soles on your most recent pair of Lace Boots? I think I would prefer leather double soles, but wondered if they would be too slick during snowy/icy conditions? Which sole worked best for you from that standpoint?

    Thanks again,

  109. Quinn Hall

    Mark you’re right, I had (have) the crepe sole version as well. I prefer the double leather sole. The crepe sole actually feels thinner than the double leather and hasn’t molded to my foot the way the double leather has. Yeah, the crepe is better for wet conditions and (I think) more formal occasions – it certainly looks more like a traditional shoe. As far as comfort goes, the double leather wins hands down.
    Yes, the leather soles are slippery in mud and snow; not as slippery as I had imagined, but certainly slippery. I have to watch my footing when it gets muddy out, but it’s not that bad. If you’re very high up in Colorado where it’s wet often it may be a concern – I bounce between Western Colorado and eastern Utah often where it’s only truly muddy a few times year and the snow doesn’t last too long.
    A point to remember; while the leather soles can be resoled the crepe soles can’t – once you wear them out you’re finished.

  110. Quinn Hall

    Ummm… I’m not sure to what you’re referring – I reply to most non-spam comments. I’m not, however, the Wild Kratts. If you’re expecting a reply from the Wild Kratts on this website, then yes, you’re correct. You won’t get one.

  111. Quinn Hall

    Yes Jennifer, that’s the Stowe, VT address people refer to above. I’ve still never heard back from anyone that has not had the letter get returned. Maybe some have had luck with the Stowe, Vermont address and not commented here, I have no way of knowing. Thanks for your reminder of the Stowe address, perhaps more folks will use that one. Happy new year!

  112. Sara

    My son struggles in first grade and only has kindergarten level reading and writing skills… But he loves animals and science in general. He decided himself to ask for help writing a letter to the wild kratts and so I did. I’m very surprised that there isn’t a better way to send fan mail.

  113. Quinn Hall

    Yeah Sara, it’s a drag. You could ostensibly try the Stowe, VT address someone posted earlier. I’ve never heard of anyone getting a response from that address, but nobody’s every posted the letter got returned either. Good luck.

  114. Ana R.

    I think asking PBS for their address is not a bad idea, email or call the tv station to see if they can give their right address. I also saw for several days Chris in a Macy’ s store of Texas when I got a job as a recovery associate for the holidays back in 2014. He was looking for Ralph Lauren and Polo clothes for his son and he told me they do write back to many people, they don’t have much time for other things. He was in the children’s department. He fell asleep one day in a couch, he looked very tired. That was in 2014 near Christmas time. Hopefully you can see him in person, is not tired and says hi to you. Do send a small package when you get a good address with a valid zipcode ,very nice one with a letter inside to show your appreciation for the show (not to be a fan). If I find a new address I will write in here (hopefully one that works).

  115. Courtney

    I found an e-mail address and got a response from the folks in the office. They sent me the same mailing address you have listed above. My dyslexic son labored over a letter to the brothers, too–2 years ago. They never responded. I assume they get the mail being sent to that address, but they obviously don’t prioritize responding to it. One poorly paid intern could easily take care of that for them. Fame is not exactly an unprecedented problem: there are mechanisms for dealing with such things!

  116. Quinn Hall

    I agree – I think I even said in my original post that much larger stars have dealt with this issue before – and like you said, it’s not uncharted waters. There’s an old Zoboomafoo where they answer letters – they can’t be oblivious to the fan mail. One comment below suggests I “stay off their backs” and that’s not what I ever intended. I just think they could deal with fan mail better.

  117. Kel

    Hi! I’m another mom with another 6 y.o. trying to reach the Kratt brothers. Glad I read through the comments. I can fabricate a letter for my little one. I just wanted to add my voice to their disappointed fans.

  118. rob

    I just stumbled across this after entering a search familiar to most all of the commenters.
    That this has been going for almost three years is mind-boggling, and honestly quite noble on your part, Mr. Hall.
    Kudos! And best of luck to us all in finding the Kratts while they’re out finding animals…wait, is that some form of irony?

  119. Quinn Hall

    Hey Rob, thanks for the kind words. I’m constantly surprised this page gets so many views, and, like you mention, that finding a mailing address is still such a challenge… best of luck.

  120. Lindsay

    Hi. I was looking for a mailing address or something for the Wild Kratts for my daughters because they are such big fans show. It’s really disheartening that they can’t even have some form of contact with their fans! I appreciate the work you have done at keeping the other parents and fans up to date on this situation.

  121. Quinn Hall

    Thanks. I kind of thought that by now someone would’ve discovered a way to write to them or this thread would’ve died. It’s remaining one of my top visited posts indicates a real need for an address for the Kratts.

  122. April

    To add validity to the Stowe,VT address (Kratt Brothers Company, p.o. box 475, 05672) is the response I just got from PBS kids asking for a snail mail address for the Kratts and that’s where they told me to write. So I’m going to mail my 7 year old son’s invitation to come to his birthday party (I have no illusions that they’ll come, but he does). Best case scenario for me is they actually respond in some way. I’ll borrow the idea from a previous post to include a SASE just in case. Good luck others too!

  123. Mara

    My daughter have been wanting to write to Kraft brothers, she finally wrote a letter and needed an address. I’m shocked that its hard to find. Anyway, I’m trying po box 475 Stowe Vermont 05672 hopefully they will respond. My daughter actually said this 5 minutes ago, I can’t wait to get letter back from them. I’m afraid that I might end up buying Wild Kraft poster and mail it to my own house for my daughter’s hopes. Later, Mara

  124. Kendra

    My 6yo daughter sent a letter several weeks ago and asks me every day if she’s received a letter from the Kratt Brothers. I was thinking I might need to write a response letter myself. After reading these posts, I’m guessing that will be the plan, which is unfortunate. I’m sure they probably do get a lot of mail, but should at least have a system in place to send a general response of some kind as acknowledgement. Thank you for this information.

  125. Marleena

    I’m 16 years old, and I’ve been watching these guys every since Zobomafoo. Seriously. I’m 16. I remember being probably, like eight, maybe younger and enjoying these two and learning about all sorts of animals. I just finished watching a show of the newer Wild Kratts with my youngest sister! Minutes ago. I’m thinking, hey, this 16 year old girl is gonna show her appreciation….and then nada. Zilch. Boom. Nothing. It’s really sad. Please, if you find out anything, let them know that there are long standing fans, like my little sister and I, who love this show and its message. I’m 16 for crying out loud! Most people my age don’t even watch these guys anymore. But I recently found Zobomafoo on Netflix and was overjoyed. I hope you find an answer….I am such a fan of these guys. Use my comment if it helps!

  126. Mara Piccone

    This is same Mara, update: nothing from that address. I guess we all should give up trying to contact these guys. I’m gona find poster and mail it from post office to my daughter so that she will feel happy.

  127. Michelle

    I am loving this feed. Three years of dedicated Kratt parents 🙂 my daughter, now 3.5, of course, loves the Kratt brothers, hence why I am here to begin with. She is now insistent I find a phone number. Hello, Mr. Hall. Thank you for your post here. You truly love your kid when your original blog isn’t even Kratt related! Anywho, I also emailed them on the website and got a generic photo printed with the Kratt brohers’ names. I put it in our mailbox, kid checked said mail, said kid flipped out with joy. We will be taking her to see the Kratt Brother’s Live in November. Lord help dad and I! Stay strong Kratt parents. The struggle is real xoxo

  128. Quinn Hall

    Michelle! Thanks for reading the comments. Every time I get a new one I worry it’s another kid telling me how much they love the Kratt Brothers (mistaking me for one of them.) We’re still waiting for the Mountain Lion episode to come out… Maybe this fall? At least they’re on Amazon Prime now.

  129. Pingback: Dave Lawrence Photography |

  130. George

    Hello Mr. Hall
    I’m kinda shocked that how hard it was to even come close to finding some way to contact the Kratt Bros. I have a 6 year old son that has autism and for the first time in his life he has heroes.. The Kratt Brothers and I have no way to tell them how much they have impacted my son’s life. For the longest time he would spend his time on his iPad cause it was his security blanket and he would not watch cartoons. But these guys helped a 6 year child with autism open up and now he’s talking more.. He’s making eye contact he talks about animals.. I would give anything in the world just to shake their hand and say thank you.. My son watches every day and tells me about the animals and now he’s doing great in school.. What more could a dad ask for.. Just a chance to say thank you..

  131. Quinn Hall

    Yeah, I feel your pain. It’s a great show – it just needs a little more interactivity with the staff and hosts. I know they schedule appearances once in a while – that might be the only real way to “shake their hands.” I wish there was a way to just email them and say “thanks.”

  132. Marleena

    This is the same Marleena. Update: My sister and I were watching that new show, Odd Squad, and fliped out because the Kratts actually were cameos in one of the newer episodes.

    Seems like those kids got to meet them, but millions around the world can’t? Wow.

  133. Kent

    Do you still shoot Ricoh GR ?
    Du you like the new Ricoh better than the old one with the small censor ?

    Best Regards


  134. Quinn Hall

    I still shoot with it, although perhaps not as much as I once did. I sold the GRDIV pretty quick after getting the GR, so I never really used them side by side. I look at some of the photos I shot with the smaller sensor model and I like them quite a bit. They’re… “grittier?” I don’t really know what it is, but they definitely look different. I can’t really say I like them better, but I do like some of them better… All in all I miss being able to set one of the custom functions to “multiple exposure” and I miss the price point of the GRDIV – for somewhere in the middle 300’s I treated the thing like a GoPro. I’m more careful (slightly) with the GR. I got the GRII right when it came out. I’ve sent it back for dust removal once and it came back with more dust than when I sent it out. I had the same problem with the first GR, but never with the GRDIV. While I still use and enjoy the GR, lately I’m playing with the Sony A6300 where I can blow off the sensor whenever I feel like it. It’s comforting, but it’s larger and the menus are worse. I’ve not found the menus to be as bad as everyone claims – just put it in manual and roll… It could use one more dial though. I’m anxiously awaiting the GRDIII? VI? Whatever the new one this spring brings, I’ll buy it.

  135. hui

    First of all, great shots! I really looking into this bag, can you tell me will the field bag constantly leaning away from you (without using the waist strap), cause i see the connection point of the strap and bag is quite low.

  136. Quinn Hall

    Hey! Thanks for the kind words. It doesn’t lean away from the user too badly. It’s not as slim as a messenger bag or as slim as the mini-mountain bag, but it’s not terribly fat either. It’s more prone to leaning away from the user if there’s a lot of weight in it – a water bottle and a large camera for example. I find it real useful as more of a “man-purse” than as a camera bag… I can fit a bunch of junk in it – cell phone, keys, point and shoot, etc. and still carry it around. I like the water bottle pouch. I’d say it sits pretty neutral at my hip. I have found a few things I don’t like about it though. First off it’s pretty small. Second, I don’t find the water bottle pouch to be all that secure – I’ve had a Klean Kanteen fall plum out of the bottom a time or two. And lastly, and this is the big one, I hate the hook and loop (Velcro) closure. It’s loud and annoying and can’t be circumvented. The hook side catches on stuff and is scratchy. I sold my Mini Mountain Bag after getting the Field Bag and I kind of regret getting rid of it – the zipper top was superior. Of course I’m not saying it won’t work for you, just relating my experience and preference. I love Topo Designs and all the Topo bags I’ve had have been top-notch.

  137. Mara Piccone

    Hello everyone, this is same Mara Piccone as previous comment. I wanted to share the great news! It took a while after my daughter mailed the letter to the wild Kratt brothers but she actually received postcard!!!! It has picture of brothers and (electronic) signatures from both brothers. My daughter was so thrilled!! I would post picture of it on here if I could. It was that address PO box 475, Stowe, Vermont 05672

  138. Christine Cari

    I saw an interview of the Kratt Bros on the internet via TVO, the Canadian public broadcasting company. The Kratt Brothers live and work in Ottawa, Canada, where their Wild Kratts Animation Studio is based. They grew up in New Jersey, but have created all their shows IN CANADA, in various cities. So now, Ottawa is where they “come home to” when they do go home. I doubt mail would get forwarded to tem from any US address.

  139. Quinn Hall

    Actually (and I know there’s a lot of comments on this post, perhaps too many to want to read through) one of the comments below is from someone that got a response from the Kratts at the Stowe, VT address. I’ve updated the post to reflect that someone got a response.

  140. Marleena

    The Canada thing makes sense! That Odd Squad show only casts Canadian children, hence the easy cameo job…

  141. Timothy Daniel Hampson

    I ordered the nomatic travel bag 2 weeks ago (IN TEXAS) and the shipping has been a nightmare. I leave for vacation this week and i’m starting to think I won’t get my bag 🙁 Customer service has not been helpful either.

  142. Quinn Hall

    I’m sorry man – that stinks. I haven’t checked their website recently, but for the longest time it just redirected to the Kickstarter page. Weird. Too bad to hear they can’t do customer service better. I’ve been surprised at how popular this bag is when there’s several out there in the same sphere. I hope you get things sorted out with them – best of luck.

  143. Robert Freiri

    I would NOT recommend that you purchase ANYTHING from Nomatic. Their communication is HORRIBLE. I ordered a Christmas gift on Dec 5 figuring it was plenty of time to get it before Christmas. I received an email stating it shipped on Dec 8. But the tracking info only states when it shipped NOT any info on where it’s at. You can not get a hold of Customer Service, no phone number to speak of. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE!! I hope to get the duffle bag at some point, but I am not optimistic. Even if it arrives sometime in January after I needed it, I am not confident in the quality of the Product! Negative 5 STARS!!!

  144. Quinn Hall

    I’m sorry… That stinks. I don’t really understand the fascination with this bag – it’s decent, but it’s certainly not better than comparable bags I’ve owned from Patagonia and Topo Designs. I keep hearing more and more negative comments related to customer service too. Best of luck.

  145. Tim Dixon

    I’m 14 and have been watching the Kratt Brothers since the very first episode of Wild Kratt when I was in 1st or 2nd grade. I loved watching wild Kratts, Kratts creatures, Zoboomafoo, and Be the Creature. It is really sad that there is no address that works. We gave up and just got VIP tickets to a show to meet them. Great job Mr. Hall for creating this. Hopefully this isn’t the only way. I hope all of you have success in this.

  146. Quinn Hall

    I think you’ll find the address in the blog post above – some reader found it and claimed to successfully get a response from the Kratts. Best of luck.

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