Make Your Own Shoes – Leather Sandals

Make Your Own Shoes – Leather Sandals Make your own shoes

I read sometime you should make your own shoes at least once in your life. I was at artist DeGrazia’s home and gallery in Tuscon recently, and I noticed a photo of the artist wearing some badass sandals (above). I like minimalist shoes, and I like making things out of leather.
Making my own version of leather soled sandals was a no-brainer. I decided to make my own similar to his, but with the addition of a toe strap. Here’s some shots of the process and the finished product.
Make your own shoes

Tracing my foot on the leather that will be both sole and footbed.

Make your own sandals
minimalist sandal 

Rounding/smoothing out the tracing.

home made shoes
Make your own shoes
strayfoto Flip over the right foot pattern to make an identical left foot sandal.

leather sandals 

Trying out different lacing methods.

minimalist sandals


minimalist shoe


The sole – I used some old, water-stained leather I had lying around. The knot should flatten out with use.

Make your own shoes

strayfoto Pounding the holes for the laces.

leather sandal

Make your own shoes


I think everyone should try to make their own shoes at some point. Making shoes should be a personal thing or a right of passage or something. It was fun, and I’ve already thought of a few ways to improve this model a little, and I think this is far from the last pair of shoes I’ll make myself.

I’ve written a follow-up to this post where I discuss my homemade DIY leather sandals and how well they work in the real world. And I’ve now made a second pair of do-it-yourself, homemade sandals, and they’re fantastic. My favorite shoes…

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