My Ricoh GR – Returned and Clean!

My Ricoh GR – Returned and Clean!

I finally got my Ricoh GR back from C.R.I.S. camera. I say “finally”, but it was only about 10 days. I sent it back because it had a dust speck on the sensor. It cost me twenty bucks in shipping and insurance, but hey, it’s cheaper than a new camera and the cleaning was covered under the warranty. Thanks Ricoh! Good customer service, and a prompt cleaning and return by C.R.I.S Camera in Arizona. They cleaned the sensor and seemed to un-gum the front wheel. It’s clean, and there’s no readily apparent dust on the sensor right now… It’s nice to have it back again. Nice enough that I ran out to use it a little.


We’d never been to Eye of the Whale Arch before. It was a fun drive on a rough road to get there. It was a great partially overcast day, but unfortunately it was a little too cold to stay for long.

Of course there’s nothing like a little lunch from Milt’s after a morning in the park.

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