Ricoh GR Announced

Update: My patience payment of $800.00 has been rewarded and I’ve received the new Ricoh GR digital camera! I’ve posted an unboxing video and some comparison shots with the Ricoh GRD IV HERE.

I’ve been waiting for the Ricoh GR (or the Ricoh GR “V”) for a while now. I’ve had the Ricoh GRDIV since it came out, and I was looking forward to this camera. Imaging Resource has a pretty in-depth hands-on video.

As my friends know, I’m interested in cameras to a certain degree. That degree being very high. I usually think about cameras all day. If I’m not thinking about cameras, I’m reading about them in the 60 or so RSS feeds I subscribe to that are photography related. If I’m really lucky, I’m actually taking photos. At any rate, I stayed up late last night and waited until the announcement was made. I usually sit up waiting for announcements a few times a year. Yeah – I lead an exciting life. Of course I ordered the stupid thing within minutes of it being available… I’ll do a super-exciting unboxing video when it gets here in late May.

DPReview has a good write-up here, and while they argue that the camera isn’t as good as it could be due to it’s aim at shooters who use raw, that’s fine with me. I really appreciate that Ricoh makes cameras that write raw files as .dng’s instead of some proprietary garbage.

The hard part now is waiting until May.

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