My First Flight with the Blade 350 QX RTF

My First Flight with the Blade 350 QX RTF

When I first got the Blade 350 QX RTF, I couldn’t get it to arm and start worth a darn. A trip to the internet and the wonders of Youtube taught me how to zero the trim on the controllers and get it flying…


The controller seems adequate to me – but I’m not an RC guy by any means.


The cage for the Go-Pro seems a little light, but secure enough. It won’t point all the way straight down though – there has to be a forward angle to it. I’d like it to be able to shoot straight down for some applications. I think I can solve this with some of the Go Pro hardware that came with the camera.


All in all it’s a fun little unit. I like flying it, now I just need to find some creative ways to utilize it to it’s full extent.

Thanks for looking.