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Arrow Moccasin Two Eye Tie Moc

Arrow Moccasin Long Term Review Arrow Moccasin

I bought the two-eye tie moc by Arrow Moccasin in the fall of 2011. I opted for the double sole version, and it’s lasted over a year with almost no real perceptible wear. I have a feeling these will last a very long time. They’re great shoes. Continue reading

Arrow Moccasins Lace Boot

Arrow MoccasinI’ve owned a pair of the Arrow Moccasins Two Eye Tie Moc for a little over a year now, and they’ve become my favorite pair of shoes for almost any occasion. I have the double sole model and the foot bed has molded to my feet and it’s pliable and protective at the same time. They’re easy to care for – almost maintenance-free. I get them dirty and dusty when hiking but every month or so I wipe them down with a wet rag and apply some mink oil and they look brand new again.

I’ve created a video comparing the different types of Arrow Moccasins I have here:

While I think the leather sole is plenty tough for almost anything, it lacks traction in snow. I wanted to get a pair with a sole for the winter months, and decided to get the taller Arrow Moccasin Lace Boot.

I waited a moderate three weeks and they showed up. Very cool shoes. While the leather sole mocs can be resoled by Arrow, the crepe sole shoes can’t. Hopefully they last several seasons. I’m sure with mainly winter use they’ll last a while.

While any shoe made with leather this thick will take some breaking in, I’m impressed by how comfortable they are right out of the box. The sole is thinner and more flexible than I’d imagined and it allows for decent ground feel. The other benefit to leather this thick is the warmth. So far they’re very warm, even with no socks.

So my first impressions are all positive; a solid shoe, pliable but protective sole, and made in the U.S.A. I also think they look great.





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