Arrow Moccasin Two Eye Tie Moc

Arrow Moccasin Long Term Review Arrow Moccasin

I bought the two-eye tie moc by Arrow Moccasin in the fall of 2011. I opted for the double sole version, and it’s lasted over a year with almost no real perceptible wear. I have a feeling these will last a very long time. They’re great shoes.The Arrow Moccasin website describes them as made of English Tanned Swiss Leather, and claims they’re adjustable and comfortable. That’s all. It’s a simple explanation, but they’re dead on the money. They’re comfortable. Comfortable like a down sleeping bag on a crisp fall morning. Once you put them on, you don’t want to take them off. With the double leather sole, the inner leather footbed molds to your foot over time and they just keep getting more comfortable. After 18 months, the footbed has conformed to the point where it’s got a slight Birkenstock effect; my heel and toes each have little valleys to rest in. Like a cast-iron pan, the more I use them, the better they get.

Arrow Moccasin

I generally go barefoot, and like a shoe to be as minimal as possible, and was hoping these would fit the bill. The double leather sole is actually quite substantial, and only slightly flexible at first. In fact, I recently purchased a pair of the Arrow Moccasin Lace Boots with the crepe sole, and its sole is far more flexible than the Two Eye Tie Moc was at first. 18 months on though, the double sole of the two-eye tie moc and surrounding leather on the Two Eye moc has become supple and quite flexible. They’re minimal, allow good ground feel, look nice in a casual way, and have no cumbersome sole.


Like I said, I was skeptical at first about the durability of a leather sole. I needn’t have worried. The Arrow Moccasin double soles have lasted wonderfully and will last a lot longer I’m sure. I’ve worn them hiking, biking, walking, and even on fairly formal occasions. While this will never be a minimalist dress shoe, if you work in a casual environment, they could be a great minimalist shoes for work. Even if the leather on the sole wears out (which it shows no indication of doing), most Arrow Moccasin models are resoleable for a small fee. I wore out the leather laces that came with them, and replaced them (as you can see) with some laces and cordlocks. It’s made them a little easier to get on and off.

I’ve created a video comparing the three different styles of Arrow Moccasins I have – the Lace Boot in double sole and crepe sole and the two-eye tie moc – check it out here if you like:

Arrow Moccasin

Arrow Moccasin

They get dusty sometimes, and they wipe clean with a damp rag. You can see below, I’ve wiped down the one on the left, and the right one is still dusty from being out in the desert. It takes only a few seconds to wipe them down and once they dry, I add a dab of mink oil to them to keep them smooth and conditioned. Very simple to care for.

Arrow Moccasin

I’ve worn them with socks, but generally prefer to wear them barefoot. My feet tend to sweat a little more with no socks on, but being all leather shoes, they’re warm enough I don’t often wear them in the heat of summer. If I have one complaint, it’s exactly that – it’s a warm shoe. This is the nature of an all-leather shoe though. It’s a great shoe about 8 months out of the year. I generally find it too warm in the peak of summer and when there’s snow on the ground they’re a little slick for wear in mid-winter. The rest of the time they’re just about perfect. A great shoe and one of my favorites.

Pros: Durable, very comfortable, zero-drop, very natural feeling shoe, good looking (I think) made in the USA.

Cons: A little hot in summer, a little slippery in snow and ice.

Who it’s for: Someone wanting a super-cool, zero-drop alternative to a boat shoe with a minimalist sole, great wear qualities, and a made in the USA label. The Arrow Moccasin is a great choice for a stylish, everyday shoe.




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8 thoughts on “Arrow Moccasin Two Eye Tie Moc

  1. Bob Thompson

    I just bought a pair and love them. I like the look of your laces/cord lock better than the standard leather laces. Any suggestions on where to obtain a set like yours?

  2. strayfoto

    Hey Bob,

    I like mine so much I just bought a pair of the boots with the double-sole.

    The laces in the photos are from a local sporting goods store – I believe they’re made by Danner. Since they’re boot laces, I actually taped and cut one lace in half and it was long enough for both moccasins. Hope that helps.

  3. Jonathan Kennedy

    Hi, I am also a fan of minimalist footwear. I live in western Massachusetts and usually wear running sandals but when the temperature drops below 38F, I wear FiveFingers from Vibram. I’m interested in the ring boot and lace boot (obviously for non-running purposes) and am curious as to how the double-leather sole compared with the other sole in your experiences.

  4. Mark McGinnis

    Hi Quinn,

    Like you I enjoy running barefoot and being barefoot most of the time. (However, I seriously doubt I put in anywhere near the miles you do!) I found you through SoftStar’s website, regarding your comments on their Moc3s. I have worn out a pair of these working in the yard and goat barn. I am considering ordering another pair to carry on runs, but I probably need some more durable, minimalist, everyday shoes for yard work, barn work, and going on goat walks in all kinds of Colorado weather. Do you still recommend Arrow Moccasins? If so, which of their models do you recommend for the above purposes?


  5. Quinn Hall Post author

    Mark, I do love the SoftStar shoes… I got sidelined this fall with a minor injury and haven’t been running much lately.
    My favorite general use Arrow Moccasins are the double sole lace boot. I have a pair I wore hiking and tramping around three states (I do environmental consulting) for two years before I sent them to get resoled.
    And… Well, I really like the shoes, but the resole job took 11 months. I gave up hope of ever getting them back. I left messages, emails, etc. and never heard back.
    There were hints on the internet that Paul (the owner) had some health setbacks and was way behind schedule. He finally emailed me and and as a sort of Christmas miracle I got them back last month.
    So while I can definitely recommend the shoes, I’d probably call first and see how long the wait is. That may be a deciding factor for you.
    One company I’ve tried recently and quite like is Aurora shoes from New York. I sent a tracing of my foot and within two weeks I had a nice custom pair of shoes. Granted, they have larger sole and a bit of drop, but it’s minimal and there is little structure to the shoes. I find them very comfortable. They also make an ankle high model.
    I’d also recommend the Luna sandals for summers – they’re super lightweight and mold to the foot wonderfully. Perhaps not so good for barn work, but great for almost everything else.

  6. Mark McGinnis

    Thanks, Quinn. I hope you heal quickly to get back to running soon!

    Regarding the Arrow Moccasins, I recall you first purchased Lace Boots with crepe soles, versus the leather double soles on your Two Eye Tie Mocs. Apparently, you transitioned from crepe to leather soles on your most recent pair of Lace Boots? I think I would prefer leather double soles, but wondered if they would be too slick during snowy/icy conditions? Which sole worked best for you from that standpoint?

    Thanks again,

  7. Quinn Hall Post author

    Mark you’re right, I had (have) the crepe sole version as well. I prefer the double leather sole. The crepe sole actually feels thinner than the double leather and hasn’t molded to my foot the way the double leather has. Yeah, the crepe is better for wet conditions and (I think) more formal occasions – it certainly looks more like a traditional shoe. As far as comfort goes, the double leather wins hands down.
    Yes, the leather soles are slippery in mud and snow; not as slippery as I had imagined, but certainly slippery. I have to watch my footing when it gets muddy out, but it’s not that bad. If you’re very high up in Colorado where it’s wet often it may be a concern – I bounce between Western Colorado and eastern Utah often where it’s only truly muddy a few times year and the snow doesn’t last too long.
    A point to remember; while the leather soles can be resoled the crepe soles can’t – once you wear them out you’re finished.

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