Elmo. Titan of a Trash Pile.

Skulls and Elmo – Photos From the Uinta Basin



I spent some time in the Uinta Basin last week working… While wandering around the desert looking for fossils is amusing, we sometimes come across huge piles of garbage left abandoned in the desert. Often they’re a mix of old and new, as if they’ve been used for years and years.


We came across this garbage pile last fall, but there was a bunch of junk added to it this time and there were more dead cows. It’s an odd place.


All shots made with my Ricoh GR, that I got cleaned in an earlier post. I love that little camera. While I usually prefer to process to black and white with photos from the GR, this time I used color – mainly because the shot below of Elmo really lost something in black and white.


Trapped. Impish smirk wiped from his face by desert winds. His last tickle the smell of rotting flesh doing a delicate dance around his sun-bleached head.


Thanks for looking.