Getting Rid of Some Cameras

R0012625_strayfoto_2013_Alright, I’ve gone and ordered the stupid quadcopter… It should be here any day now. Now that that’s done, I’ve got to unload some other cameras in order to fund this one.

_MG_3096_strayfoto_ _MG_3102_strayfoto_

If you want or know anyone that wants a great camera, I’ve got a Fuji X100 on Ebay right now. It’s a great camera, and only very lightly used.

I’m also selling a gently used Ricoh GRDIV. This is the exact camera I used for some of my most popular posts. It’s in great shape and comes with all the factory stuff.

_MG_3110_strayfoto_ _MG_3126_strayfoto_

Click through the links to see the auctions and more photos.

And keep your eyes peeled for some fancy aerial shots and a review of the 350 QX RTF
in the near future.