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Seiko SNKK87 Automatic Watch Review

Seiko SNKK87 Unboxing and Review with Video

Seiko SNKK87 Automatic Watch

Seiko SNKK87 Unboxing and Review with Video

The Seiko SNKK87 is a smallish watch with a sliver face, applied indices, minimal lume, and the venerable Seiko 7S26 movement. It’s lightweight, affordable, and I’d say it offers kind of a semi-formal look. I don’t own any white (or silver) face watches. Well, that’s what I told myself. I actually started looking at my watches and noticed I have three white face watches – but none of them are automatics. Ahhh, the justification begins.

Seiko SNKK87 Automatic Watch

Like most of the Seiko 5 series, it’s a cheap watch. Not cheap in that it’s a junker – quite the opposite. The Seiko 5 line is generally a well-regarded and popular line of inexpensive automatic watches. It’s less than a hundred bucks for an automatic watch that’s made by a top manufacturer. I like Seiko watches.

Seiko SNKk87 Automatic Watch

The Seiko SNKK87 is about 37mm wide without the crown and a just less than 41mm with the crown. It’s a lightweight watch – even with the metal band it’s less than 4 oz. I put a leather band on it, and I think it makes the watch more comfortable. The metal band is not where the Seiko 5 shines; the band from the factory is rattly and cheap.

Seiko 7S26 Automatic movement

Speaking of rattling, the movement isn’t quiet. It’s louder than the Seiko SKX007 I have that has the same movement. The movement isn’t decorated in any way, but the watch does have the exhibition caseback which allows one to see the (undecorated) movement.

Seiko SNKK87 Lume

Turns out once it’s on the wrist the watch feels minuscule. It feels as if it’s not there at all. It’s lightweight, comfortable and easy to read. It’s just what I was looking for in a watch. At least this month. Next month I’ll want another dive watch. Or something even dressier. Or more expensive. I’m sure this watch won’t really cure the need for another, but it’ll get me by.

Seiko SNKK87 Automatic 37mm watch