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BUB Speed Trials at Bonneville 2013

BUB Speed Trials at Bonneville 2013

Bonneville Motorcycle Racing

Bonneville BUB Trials Bonneville Salt Flats Land Speed Racing Land Speed Racing Bonneville Motorcycle Racing BuB Trials at Bonneville Land Speed Motorcycles Land Speed RacingMackenzie from WashingtonMackenzie from Washington

Camera TattoosMackenzie’s camera-rific tattoos

Bonneville BuB Trials“Lucky” from Australia. Veteran land speed racer.

Bonneville Salt Flats

Salt Flats Motorcycle Racing Bonneville Utah BuB Trials 2013Bonneville MotorcycleLucky’s Single speed Jawa – all the way from Australia.

Slat FlatsJay Allen enlightening spectators… this guy can tell a story.

More of my Bonneville Salt Flats Photographs / images.

Motorcycling the White Rim Trail in Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah

I’ve wanted to ride the White Rim Trail on a motorcycle for years now, and Randy and I finally did it this last weekend. It was great weather, great fun, and the car show afterwards was pretty entertaining. Here’s a short video of us riding the trial:


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The Cat's Glasses

Kid’s Books: The Cat’s Glasses

Does your cat need glasses? How do you know? Follow one little boy as he tries to find out in The Cat’s Glasses by Quinn Hall

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Coyote Life by Quinn Hall

Kid’s Books: Coyote Life by Quinn Hall

Coyote Life is a short, rhyming children’s book about coyotes in the Southwest.

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