Jeeping 2017 – Dome Plateau and Fins N’ Things

Went Jeeping (off-roading?) (4-wheeling?) (Wheelin’?) this last week, and yes, we discussed whether one should capitalize a verbified noun. When you take Jeep and turn it into a verb, does it still get capitalized? Does one go “Jeeping” or “jeeping?” We’ve done the same thing with Google – do we “Google” something or do we “google” it? Important questions deserve answers. Of course the real answer is to craft a better sentence – “We’re going off-roading,” or “today we’ll drive the Jeep on some trails,” but those sentences are boring… Much easier to say we’re going Jeeping, and when your buddy runs a company that rents Jeeps, you may as well keep the brand name in there, right? 

Videos from this last week: