Digital Rhianna Camera Unboxing

Digital Rhianna Camera Unboxing


I got the digital Rhianna Camera from an Indiegogo project. I ordered it in June and it arrived, as promised, just in time for Christmas. It’s a fun little camera. I’ve posted a video review and a brief look at the menus and some sample images on Youtube.


I’ll add a few more images here. It’s a smallish, plastic camera with some unique built-in filters. The photos are so-so, even for a 7 megapixel camera. It was originally sold (I thought) as being 12 megapixels, but so far the highest setting on mine only shows 7 megapixels. I’m not sure where the discrepancy crept in, but mine only does 3648×2048 – so a hair over 7 megapixels. I’m not sure exactly why one would buy a camera like this – just for fun really. It’s neat to have a camera that’s not fancy. I’ts also neat to have a camera that’s from a small run and much more affordable than a Leica. Mine has a great rattle in it too, very reminiscent of an actual Holga or Diana camera.


I have an old Canon EOS 20D (8 megapixels) with a Diana Fisheye lens on it. I’d call it the better camera for it’s manual control. The photos from it may even be more… crappy impressionistic than the Digital Diana from Cyclops. Even though I’d say the Canon’s a little better with direct manual control, I admire anyone like Greg Dash and Cyclops Camera that can take on the corporate photo world and create a unique camera completely (mostly?) from scratch, market it, and get people to buy it. The Rhianna run was limited to 1000 cameras, and for a short time there should be a few more available at Cyclops Camera.


Thanks for looking.