Moab Dining at the Quesadilla Mobilla

Moab Dining at the Quesadilla Mobilla

Moab Dining

Moab dining has been a little stale for the last few years. Restaurants in Moab are usually coffee shops, burger joints, coffee shops, breweries, coffee shops, coffee shops, and the occasional bakery with a coffee shop. Nationwide the mobile food truck business seems to have exploded; I’ve seen and read about eclectic and delicious mobile restaurants offering killer food in diverse locales all over the country. This adventurous craze seems to have passed Utah by, especially rural Utah, leaving the state stuck with only the time-honored roach-coach of lore.

Moab, Utah

Moab though, recently became home to the Quesadilla Mobilla, a bright yellow truck usually parked at 83 S. Main Street by the Canyonlands Trading Post, and occasionally at local events. The Quesadilla Mobilla takes Moab dining to new heights with the simple combination of cheese and tortilla. Owners Carrie and Steven add personality and creativity to an otherwise tame dish, delivering a creative product that’s easy to eat and tastes great.

Moab Restaurant 

I’ve eaten at the Mobilla a few times now, and I’ve always been impressed by both the service and the flavor. The desert quesadillas are surprising and unforgettable – definitely worth a second visit.

Moab Dining

If you’re walking around Moab in the evening (like most tourists do) stop and  check it out, it’s as tasty as any brewery, certainly more affordable, and there’s rarely any wait.

Moab Mexican Food


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