Autoprogettazione by Enzo Mari

Autoprogettazione by Enzo Mari – the book I waited 3 months to get. I saw/read an article on the Sedia Chair by Enzo Mari, an Italian contemporary artist and modern furniture designer, and I immediately wanted the book. I ordered it at the first of December and it finally came in February. Click HERE to see the chairs I built using the instructions and drawings in the book.

The book is a reprint of the 1974 original, and it contains a ton of designs for artistic furniture and modern chairs. Definitely one of the more user-friendly furniture design books, even if the measurements are in mm. I can adapt. After reading it I still think I like the Sedia Chair best. It’s, in my opinion, the best and most iconic of the Enzo Mari chairs, and it appears to be fairly easy to build. Enzo Mari’s original idea was he’d mail the chair to the customer and the customer would assemble it themselves using a hammer and nails. Very original for 1974. As soon as I can get a few hours away from work and school, I’m going to build a couple.

Enzo Mari

Enzo Mari Chair

I get asked if I’m worried about it being comfortable – and I do, a little. That’s not really the point. The point is to have a cool modern chair I built myself and that looks at home in an art gallery, which is where I really want to live anyway. I can get a cushion if I need to. As long as it looks as good as the chair. There’s a great video of him building the chair HERE.

Enzo Mari

Even if you don’t plan on building anything the drawings and the photos and the interview in the middle are worth looking at. It’s a book well worth the wait.

Modern Cool Chair



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