Film cameras! Remember Film?

Film Cameras! Remember Film?

I remember film cameras. I have dozens of them. Expensive ones and cheap ones. Plastic ones and German ones. I remember film too. I have cameras that could still use it, and I still have a too-warm cupboard filled with 120 Tri-X and Velvia I can’t part with.

I can still shoot with it occasionally though. Although I don’t do it often, I shoot a few frames here and there. Here’s some collected photos from the last year. The shots are from “toy” cameras. The color ones are shot with a Lomo Fisheye on Velvia,



and the Square ones are shot on Kodak Tri-X with a Holga I picked up for three bucks at a thrift store.




One has to tape up the back to prevent light leaking too badly through all the cracks. Judging by the photos this thing takes, more light might not be such a bad thing.

Processing and scanning was done by Indie Film Lab, and I’m okay with the results. They’re not the greatest scans, but you can’t shoot snapshots with expired film and plastic cameras and expect the lab to fix everything. I sent the film out on the 6th of January and was able to download the scans yesterday (22 Jan). The total price for a 36 exposure roll of Velvia (Cross-processed – Indie Film Lab won’t do E6) and a roll of 120 was $40.00. That’s for processing, scanning and mailing back the negatives. It feels a little steep for something  I used to do myself, but at least I’m not dealing with the chemicals and working in the dark.












This Korean couple was waiting for the clouds to clear at Grand View Point in Canyonlands a couple weeks ago. It was cold, and it seemed like they had quite a wait ahead of them.

Thanks for looking.