Wild Kratts PBS Contact Address

Why Don’t PBS Stars Wild Kratts Have a Fanmail Address?

Mountain Lion for Wild Kratts

UPDATE: This is not the Wild Kratts. I’m a guy complaining about the lack of a fanmail address for the Wild Kratts. Candace (in the comments below) has gotten a response to a Facebook inquiry, and listed the address there. Thanks.

This has become one of my most popular posts of the last year, demonstrating (I think) how well-served the Wild Kratts would be by an easily accessible fanmail address. Here’s a few of the emails I’ve gotten mistakenly addressed to Martin and Chris.

dear, chriss kratt I hope i spelled your name right. My name is (deleted) i am your bigist fan.if you dont mind would you send me a pick of you an a augograph on it. by the way i am 10 years old.aer crecher power suits real. if you can send a pick end it to (deleted). 

hi ts (deleted) again i forgot something i woul like to be on your show i go tongo bye 

Dear Kratt Brothers, My name is (deleted), and I wanted to ask you some questions that might help me with a project. If you could send me your email address, then I could send you a message in length. It would be great if you could get back to me ASAP. Thank you. 

dear Martin & Chris. I love your t.v. show. I would like to see you & an animal . 

Dear Martin&Chris. I would like to see a cheetah running. In Africa. 

I would like a kids small&a kids medium in shirts.Boots to please. 

And from a teacher looking for the address:

I’m a teacher and some of my students, as well as my son, wanted to write a nice letter to them. Very sad they don’t want their fans to contact them. Great show but terrible PR!!

I’ve got a 5 yr old who enjoys the Wild Kratts program on PBS. He watches it every day. He obsesses over the characters, pretends to be the animals, and talks about the show incessantly. He wants to visit the African Savannah so bad, I feel guilty for not having hauled him over there yet. His only complaint about the show is he’s never seen one about his favorite animal, the mountain lion.

As I imagine any well-meaning parent would do, I encouraged him to write to the Wild Kratts and suggest the topic. I figure if you can send fan mail to big-time (ahem) Hollywood stars, a couple dudes with a kid’s show on PBS should be at least as accessible, right? Wrong.

Wild Kratts Address He spent 15 minutes laboring over his letter suggesting the Wild Kratts do a show on mountain lions, and this was the best address I could come up with. It came back fast enough for me to question if it had actually crossed the border into Canada.

If you search for “Wild Kratts Mailing Address” (most “Wild Kratts” queries, in fact) Google usually returns links for The Kratt Club – a fan club, where it states at the bottom of the page (after the disclaimer that they’re not affiliated with Martin and Chris) that “The Kratt Brothers do not have a current fan mail address or email address for fans to write to.” (Written in Comic Sans of course).

Further searching reveals a “Yahoo Answer” that claims the reason the Kratts don’t have a mailing address “might be because they don’t want millions of kids to send them fan mail.” I refuse to believe that. I’ve watched the show and the brothers come off as genuine. According to Wikipedia they each have kids of their own. I can’t believe that two dads so concerned about teaching kids the value of nature and wilderness in the modern world can be oblivious to kids’ needs to learn effective communication skills. They have trailers after episodes where kids help save animals and protect the environment. Writing letters is an effective way to accomplish both these actions from a distance. Why not let encourage kids to write to them? Writing promotes thinking, individual activity and action at an early and influential age. It teaches young people to speak up and attempt to try and change something.

Kratt Brothers ContactI’d argue that without a mailing address, Wild Kratts is just another crappy TV show. Sure, kids can interact with the silly games at pbskids.org, and adults can get in touch with the production company to book appearances and promotional gigs, but no contact info for kids? Shame on you Chris and Martin.

Without a real address (or at least an easily located address for fanmail) I’ll do the next best thing. Here’s the letter in it’s entirety:

Wild Kratts I understand with the popularity of the show Martin and Chris could easily be overwhelmed by fanmail, but c’mon, that’s not the real point. Pick 50 letters a week to respond to. Post the best ones on Facebook and tweet some responses to questions. Let this be a learning experience for both the Wild Kratts by being more in touch with their demographic and for the kids and fans of the show by letting them know their voices are heard.

I never told my boy the letter came back. He keeps asking when the episode about the mountain lion will be on the air. Luckily, we’ve started writing a story about a mountain lion… imagination beats television any day.

41 thoughts on “Wild Kratts PBS Contact Address

  1. strayfoto

    Thanks Dan. I’m preparing a future post with all the questions I get here. Every week a couple a couple kids fill out my contact page without having read the entire post – they think I’m the Kratt Brothers. They request shows and ideas, ask for Wild Kratts stuff, it’s crazy. Thanks for speaking up.

  2. Dan West

    I’m a teacher and some of my students, as well as my son, wanted to write a nice letter to them. Very sad they don’t want their fans to contact them. Great show but terrible PR!!

  3. Monica Strang

    Not too long ago, Wild Kratts was actually called Zoboomafoo on PBS. I found this website: http://pbskids.org/zoboo/contact.html that has an address for Fan Mail for the Kratt Brothers. It’s probably old, but my daughter and I are going to try and write them a letter. We’ll let you know what happens.

  4. Monica Strang

    oh, and here is the address if you want to try it as well:

    Kratt Brothers Company
    PO Box 4515
    Burlington, VT 05406

    again, it’s probably old… we’ll see.

  5. Quinn Hall Post author

    Monica! Good find. I’m surprised such an old page still exists – Zoboomafoo ended 13 years ago (but according to Wikipedia it still airs in syndication – funny, I don’t think I’ve seen it in Utah). I’d definitely be interested to hear what happens if you reach them. I hope you get a response. And thanks for adding the address – this page gets far more hits than I ever thought it would – maybe that will help others too.

  6. jelani tau penny Johnson

    Dear wild kratts i love your tv show and want to know how to be a member of the wild kratts crew. Thank you bye.

  7. Mamapax

    I just found that same address ans was wondering if you had any luck? My little fella wants to send them an invitation to his birthday. I explained they live far away and probably can’t come, but it’d be great to at least get an autographed pic or something.

  8. Quinn Hall Post author

    I’ve still never heard of anyone successfully contacting them… best of luck. It’s disappointing because I get about two emails a month requesting show ideas and fan paraphernalia. I can’t imagine why they don’t have an official fan club. If you get a response let me know and I’ll post about it here.

  9. Monica Strang

    That address didn’t work. The letter came back as undeliverable :( if anyone finds the right address, please let us know. Thanks!

  10. Quinn Hall Post author

    Hey I think the Wild Kratts (or at least a liason) are on Twitter – follow @WildKrattsOffic and you’ll hear about appearances and merchandise. On 03 March they posted about Ask Wild Kratts Week. Might be a good time to ask why they don’t have an official fan club/page so our less social media oriented 6 year old kids can simply mail a letter.

  11. strayfoto

    Hey I think the Wild Kratts (or at least a liason) are on Twitter – follow @WildKrattsOffic and you’ll hear about appearances and merchandise. On 03 March they posted about Ask Wild Kratts Week. Might be a good time to ask why they don’t have an official fan club/page so our less social media oriented 6 year old kids can simply mail a letter.

  12. tinamama

    I’ve posted to their Facebook page, the “Official” Wild Kratts page….we’ll see if someone there can answer how to reach them….and I posted a link to this article there, so let’s hope someone finally points the actual brothers to this article and takes charge and makes it possible for kids to contact them. Because WE love them too, and even my 13yr old gets excited when there are new episodes!

    We are homeschoolers, and the Wild Kratts show is part of our learning! I found a science curriculum about animals and found that it was far too young and simple for my kids because everything in it they already knew from Wild Kratts! They actually were saying things like “yeah, and also….” when I read about an animal….relaying info above and beyond what the curriculum provided!

    How cool is that???

  13. tinamama

    I also posted your link as an @ message to their official Twitter. Maybe we should all keep periodically posting this link to their Facebook and Twitter and eventually someone will get the message and respond! :)

  14. tinamama

    Zoboomafoo was actually a totally different show. Though also with the Kratt Brothers. They also had a show called “Be the Creature” which was sort of like that old show Wild Kingdom (remember that?), but with the Kratt Brothers twist…(man they are YOUNG in that one!) and also a show called “Kratt’s Creatures.” Wild Kratts is just their latest show. We like all their shows. I actually miss Zoboomafoo. :( Hard to find it anywhere to watch now.

  15. Quinn Hall Post author

    Thanks Tina! It’s sad my little rant gets so much attention, but if it encourages The Wild Kratts to get a mailing address then great! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  16. Candace

    You probably don’t need this anymore but I asked on their facebook page today about an address. I got a reply from the page within an hour Kratt Brothers Company, P.o. Box 475, Stowe, Vermont, 05672 USA.

  17. Quinn Hall Post author


    Thanks, that’s great! I’ll have to try it out. I’ve always been surprised by how much traffic this page gets, I’m sure this will help some people looking for the address.

  18. strayfoto


    Thanks, that’s great! I’ll have to try it out. I’ve always been surprised by how much traffic this page gets, I’m sure this will help some people looking for the address.

  19. LizandDanny Roberts

    I just came across this page while looking for an address my son (4yrs) could write to. Did you have any luck with the address above?

  20. Quinn Hall Post author

    Liz and Danny, I’ve never heard back from Candace and the Stowe Vermont address. If you try it and it works let me know – I’ve got two kids that would write to them now… best of luck.

  21. Erin @ Wild Whispers

    Thanks for all the legwork people have done on this! My five year old wrote Chris and Martin a letter this AM all by herself, and I’m going to try the VT address above. I’ll check in and let everyone know what happens in a few weeks…

  22. KellyBean

    I have a fanatic myself… He has been obsessed with the Kratts for 4 yrs.. never missing an episode. We have purchased the sweatshirt, t shirt , books, dvds, & creature power suit and I have even thrown him a WILD KRATTS theme birthday party…. printed my own cupcake toppers and all. My boy is 7 and the Kratt fever is still going strong.
    I am soooo very grateful for these brothers. My son knows everything about everything about animals. He engages in nonfiction animal books constantly. While other kids his age are emerged in Angry Birds or Pokemon or some other useless mumbo jumbo… thanks to these Kratts, my son actually is learning everyday about something useful and he is just as excited to do so as day 1.
    These guys didnt seek out this future in acting and producing programs. I think it blew up on them like no one could have predicted. These are just regular guys who are actually doing a public service and the kids DIG IT! I think you should get off their backs. We would all like to give our kids everything we can to make their little faces beam…but do YOU want to handle all the incoming fan mail of the Kratts? That would take a crew Im afraid. There is no way they could possibly keep making new episodes, appearances AND spend time with their FAMILIES making their children beam. Remember , they are probably away from their kids A LOT on location.. to bring the show to us.
    GET OFF THEIR BACKS… and be grateful your children have quality educational entertainment. Its unfair and selfish of you all to complain.
    See you on the creature trail!
    Rogan’s mom
    Glendale, Az

  23. Quinn Hall Post author

    Wow. Press pause on the cupcake printer and back away from the internet…

    I never meant to vilify the Kratt Brothers – I was merely lamenting the lack of a valid fan mail address. I agree with you that their influence is a welcome change from the regular garbage on television. That’s exactly why they should have a fan mail address. A kid could write a fan letter to Miley Cyrus or Ozzy Osbourne but not the Wild Kratts? Why not?

    You claim the Kratts “didn’t seek out this future in acting and producing programs.” C’mon. They seem intelligent, motivated and engaged. They’ve been in television for 20 years – plenty of time to get out if it isn’t what they wanted. I imagine this type of success is exactly what they’ve been shooting for and I applaud their efforts. They’re making a great show that kids love. I think it’s excellent.

    I never implied the Kratts should neglect their families just to answer fanmail – I don’t know where you got that out of my post. I actually suggested they pick a few letters a week to respond to and post a few on Facebook. Of course nobody could answer all the mail they may get, but does that justify not having an address a kid can mail a letter to? People far more famous and busy than the Kratts have figured it out. Encouraging kids to write is one more way to keep them from Pokemon, Angry Birds, and far, far away from those stupid ponies.

    You seem to imply I’m somehow “on the backs” Wild Kratts as if I’m hounding and harassing them. This is a 18 month old post on a website that’s mostly about photography, cameras, backpacks, and travel. There’s over a billion websites on the internet. A BILLION. This post hardly warrants a glance and has probably never been seen by anyone that even knows the Kratt Brothers. (If I’m wrong, give them my best; my daughter insisted we call her “Little Howler” for several months.)

    I’m stoked you took the time to post such a heartfelt response – thanks.

  24. lmelville

    Hello, I was wondering if you got a response at the Stowe address. My 7 year old would also like to express his huge fandom in hand-written form.

    Thanks for any update!

  25. Larissa

    I’m with you on this! I especially applaud your comments about the value of writing a letter. Well-said.
    I stumbled on your post tonight while searching for a fan mail address for the Kratts. Like others, I have an 8 year-old son obsessed with the Wild Kratts, passionate about animals, and educated about animals thanks to the show. He really would like to send them a message (and a picture of himself in his creature power suit).

    I’m thinking I’ll try the Stowe address and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope–to make it easy for someone to reply. If we can’t reach the Kratts in Vermont, perhaps our mail will make it to the Von Trapps. They’re in Vermont, too. And actually, they were MY childhood obsession… not that anyone asked.

    See you on the creature trail!

  26. Quinn


    My daughter and I are going to snail mail them a letter tomorrow. I will definitely let you know if that address works!

    The Wild Kratts has been an incredibly influential show for her; she knows more about animals from that show than I do! She understands the context, that animals should be respected (though we teach that at home as well, it’s nice that a tv show re-iterates that point in a child-friendly way), and writes/draws the animals she loves. She’s only six, and this is the only tv show I’ll let her watch. Much better than the other programming.

    Wish us luck!


  27. jered

    Here is what i found. My son has just found the Kratts on netflix and really likes. I included the link because there are some specific direction. So not sure what the address if for but is says for fan mail on the page. I tried to look back over the other address found to compare and didn’t find it to be the same. Good luck and see you on the creature trail.

    Martin Kratt
    Earth Creatures
    255 S Champlain St., 2nd Floor
    Burlington, VT 05401

  28. Constance Truggle

    As with the rest of you, I have children obsessed with Wild Kratts. I also found this article while searching out a mailing address. And I also want to know if the latest address has yielded any results. Did anyone email the promotional booking people and see if there’s a way to get an address that way?

    My three and six year olds know more about the wild than I do, which totally rocks my socks. They’d love to send letters and draw pictures for the brothers, so I’m hoping someone has had some success.


  29. Quinn Hall Post author

    The last few comments have come in the last week – I still haven’t heard of anyone successfully contacting them via snail mail. I can’t believe how much traffic this post gets though – it’s a real testament to the popularity of the show and (I think) demonstrates the need for at least a reliable fan mail address. Keep checking back, if anyone responds with a real address here I’ll update the post.

  30. Annie

    Good to know other parents are on the search for a mailing address for the kratt brothers. my 5 y/o has a pile of drawings he wants to send Chris and Martin!

  31. Vee

    I emailed studio@krattbrothers.com and I got this reply:

    We try to encourage our fans to email their fan mail and drawings. We do have a P.O. Box but this is not checked on a regular basis. If you still wish to mail them, our mailing address is:

    P.O. Box 475
    Stowe, Vermont

    My daughter and I will try this address and see how it goes.

  32. EricB

    Thank you all for the great research an postings. Short of becoming Chris or Martin not sure what else to do.my little one is determined to email the Kratts Brothers. She is inspired by the show and wants to become a marine biologist. I wish I had that drive at age 6. Anyway I sent an email to studio@krattbrothers.com (thanks Vee) and got the following auto reply… Will scan her letter and email it to see what happens….

    “Thank you for your message! Your email has been received by our studio. The Wild Kratts team will respond to you as soon as possible. Please note that we strive to respond to all email correspondence as quickly as possible. Because we often go on creature adventures across the globe, we may take several weeks to respond to your message. See you on the creature trail!”

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